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I like dinner and dinner parties. Big bowls of ice cream and even bigger bowls or roasted vegetables. I work in sustainable food, feel empty inside when I go more than a week without a visit to the farmers market, and take great pleasure in cooking for myself and others. I’ve been known to commute with cauliflower, bike across town with absurd quantities of raw meat, and convince my friends to try my sometimes-unusual creations, which may include underdog vegetables one day, and desserts whose inspiration arises from, the next.

At 26, I pine for pots and pans and have been gifted six aprons, which tells me that my friends think a) I’m messy or b) I can’t get enough of the kitchen. Both are true to varying degrees. I started this blog to chronicle my experiences both in the kitchen and out in the wide, wonderful world of food and drink I’m lucky enough to call home: the Bay Area. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!